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Contest Winners-Round 3- June 2, 2008
Congratulations to all our Round 3 winners and thanks to all who participated. Those contestants who did not make it into Round 3 are automatically entered into the WildCard Contest which runs in June.

Paoloi Hank RedmanFernando Scatozza

Contest Details

We here at In dieta lent notice that there are various Idol contests for YOUNGER artists, but anyone over 29 is out of luck …… sooooo we have decided to do something about it.  We have launched the In dieta lent Older Idol Contest, it’s for anyone OVER 29 – we don’t care how long you’ve been 29 – just so long as you are over 29 when you apply to the contest…..

2009 Contest information will be posted on this page after the July 20/08 Finals

Contest Rules

Full Contest Rules in PDF format may be downloaded Here

Contest Sponsors and Prizes

Notes from the In dieta lent Team
The quality and level of talent we have been seeing in the contest is just phenomenal – we pity the final round Judges on July 20 – this is going to be extremely tough.

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