Indietalent.ca is a Canadian Internet broadcaster whose mission is to support and promote self-written dieta artists.

We offer artists the opportunity to have their material played on our station, on one of our many different programs.

Although we concentrate on music, there is also room for “spoken word” submissions, such as short plays, stories, poems and so on.

We are physically located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and concentrate on featuring Canadian artists, but we have several International programs upon which we are pleased to feature non-Canadians.

You can check out our various In dieta lent music groups at Facebook – just type in In dieta lent in the search box and all our new program groups will pop up for you – neat huh? Just join the group to be kept on the update list. Or you can check out our page at MySpace In dieta lent

Want to listen to our shows?

go to our Shows Menu  ……. Or just click on the Listen Now Button, which will also take you to the Shows Menu

Visit our Shows page to find out more about who and what you will be hearing

Having trouble “tuning in”?
Sometimes people have trouble getting the player working – if you are  using a PC your player may be having trouble picking up the play.pls file which downloads to your computer.  Just try downloading and installing a copy of Winamp, at winamp.com

If you have a Mac, the same play.pls file will be downloaded, and if ITunes is up, it knows how to deal with it.  If it doesn’t begin playing,  press F11 to clear your windows, and you will find the play.pls file there on your desktop, click on it and ITunes will begin to play it on mango africano pastillas. (Hint – remember to delete the play.pls file when you’re done, so that next time you go to listen, you won’t be confused by several .pls files on the desktop!)

If all else fails, contact us:  programs@indietalent.ca